Thursday, August 17, 2006

From Soup to Rolls

Did quite a lot today. Phew... Cleaned up my kitchen before the trip to Selangor, Bangi for me "B"'s cousin engagement party. Mama-B just called this morning to inform us that we'll start the journey at 6.00 freaking am! sheesh... why oh why did I actually promised to go...???
for photo sake, I didn't overdosed this bowl with soup the way I like
But that's Sat's story. Now to my kitchen. Took me the whole afternoon cleaning. Oh, including scrubbing the 2 toilets too hah. Of course I did my cookings BEFORE the cleanings. I'd be mad enough to do it AFTER! Anyways, I made "Nasi Sop" aka Soupy Rice dish for "B" tonight. He loves it. Always had a bowlful whenever he passed by Waterloo hawker centre. Besides, it's cheap at SGD$2.50 consisting of a bowl of chicken soup with the works and a plateful of rice, seperated. You do your own mixing. Either rice in soup or soup in rice, whatever. I don't see many Malay stalls served this kind of rice dish though. However, this is a common sight at the Chinese stalls.
soup with the additional homemade prawnballs perked up the meal
Dinner later will be beef soup and homemade prawnballs with rice. "B"'s gonna love this. To add up to the meal, I made Hotdog Rolls again. This time I nearly perfected the bread dough. Soft and chewy even after it turned a little cold. Next time I'm glazing the tops with egg white instead of extra virgin olive oil. I want a shinnier top. See that lone bread in the middle? I added rosemary plus rock salt and it turned out delicious. Better than the rolls in fact. I'll make sure to add in some herbs in future.
look at the holes... rose really well!
that's the lone rosemary bread I made. leftover dough.
After all the hardwork and cooking/baking, I was smashed. I guess it wouldn't hurt to open up that tub of BUDs Lava Brownie ice-cream aites!??


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