Monday, August 14, 2006

Simplicity of Fried Rice

On days when I came home late from work, I'll be working my mind through the train ride on what is the fastest and simplest way for dinner. This includes the number of dishes to wash up too. Stir-fries are usually the best way out. Provided that I have some leftover rice or noodles or cooked pastas on standby.
Fortunately, there's a packet of leftover Basmati in the fridge. Ahuh... Sambal Fried Rice. Since I did not defrost any fillings of i.e. meat, chicken or seafood, I'd do it vegetarian way in the absence of them. Besides, with a good sambal base, one can whip up a mean fried rice anytime. The dish was ready in a matter of minutes and coming right up!
Ingredients for Sambal Fried Rice
Sambal base
leftover Basmati (cold leftover rice are better so that they don't clump together when stir-frying)
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp sweet black sauce (kicap manis)
any green veges - chopped or frozen veges
Heat up sambal and throw in the green veges. Add in all sauces. Lastly, add in rice and mix well till all combined. You can add an egg or two before putting in the rice for a fuller meal. I like fried rice eggless.


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