Saturday, August 12, 2006

D.I.Y. Chilli Padi Baked Potatoes

I'm starting this on a hot note. I love may chillies in any way possible. Best is when those little pricks are cut into slices and dose with light soy sauce and eaten with soup. Chinese style! Apart from that, chillies goes a long way with many if not almost anything. They perked up dishes to the max. Too much chillies could sometime spoiled the dishes though. So moderation is the key word.
At home, chillies didn't seemed to last very long in the fridge. In less then a week, they'll start wilting and I have to throw them all away. So, I rarely buy the fresh ones unless I have some use of them. I had a couple of bird's eye red chillies aka chilli padis in the fridge. Not wanting history to repeat, I dried them at the living window where the afternoon sun would come in strong. After a couple of days of that 'sun-ning' process, I was welcomed with a tray of dried chilli padis. Oh, I split them in halves to fasten the drying process.
I took a couple to pound them for this recipe and stored the leftovers in a ziplock. Added in some salt and extra virgin olive oil and baked at 200'C for 25 minutes. The results were these hot smacking good pieces for JAWS the movie. Haahahaa... the heat is on and bring on the move!


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