Sunday, March 26, 2006

Delicious spread for ma Bro & Sista

Been a long time since they last came for a visit. coz it's pretty hard for us to get together as I'm on office hours whereas my bro and sista are on shifts. But today, my sis' off day and bro is on night shift. So they could come by for lunch and do some bonding with moi...! And of course I cooked. They commented that lunch was FAB! Heard that...! IT WAS FAB!!! agrh... I love you guys! We had lunch while watching Transpotting. Great British movie. After the show, both my bro and sista were "high" on zee British accent. Aye! I did mostly bakings. No! In fact ALL the food were baked at a point of time. So the oven was on the go, go, go...
Starter - Prawn and Fish Crackers with Sweet Chili sauce dip.
Appertiser -
Cesar Salad
Main - Baked Linguine (recipe bottom most) Main - Tuna Chili PizzaDessert - Apple Pie & Vanilla Ice-cream
(checkout recipe here
) Drinks - F&N gingerbeer & H20 & Tea Tarek (they ain't coffee peeps).Verdict - Great time spent. Tums were unbearably stuffed. Bro requested to 'ta-pau' (packed food) for his night shift supper. We should do this often. Ok... ok... when we ALL have the same free time aites! Oh yah... will invite the cuz (cousins) too. Eee... thare's an awful lotsa them! I'll need a few hands of help then. Watcha say???

Ingredients for Baked Linguine sauce
Linguine - al dente & drizzle olive oil after cooking so it won't stick
2 onions - diced
3 garlic - diced
1 fresh tomato - roughly chopped
pitted black olives - sliced
canned peas
button mushroom - sliced
minced meat
pasta sauce (tomato base)
chili sauce
thai chili flakes
crushed black pepper
salt to taste
virgin olive oil

Ingredients for toppings
Mozarella cheese - grated
Cheddar chesse - grated
sliced cheese

Heat up oil and saute onion and garlic. Add in minced meat and stir till cook. Add in button mushrooms. Pour in a decent amount of pasta and chili sauce. Sprinkle of thai chili flakes, black pepper and salt. Lastly goes in the peas and black olives. Spread Linguine on base of baking tray. Lay sliced cheese on top of pasta. Scoop in sauce and spread on top of cheese evenly. Cover with mozarella and cheddar cheeses. Bake 30 minutes @ 180'C.


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