Friday, March 03, 2006

Sweet Chilli Sauce

I had been having the sweet chilli sauce with most of my savories whilst in Bangkok last weekend. However, these sauces are from most of the 5-foot vendors and are totally homemade! Noway I'm gonna get a similar version at the supermarket! Bottled versions are way... different... totally...So, you see, everytime I bought some food, I'd share with the others their chilli sauces and saved mine. Sad case huh?!

Anyways, on the last day, I went to Gourmet Market at Siam Paragon in desperate measures and reluctantly bought a bottled sweet chilli sauce so that if my packet sauces are finish, I got a bottle to fall back to aite!

I made some oven baked potato popiahs today and had them with the bottled sweet chilli sauce. Guess what... though not exactly similar, it boasted a different flavour altogether! It's sweet and yet soury, vinegary and not too hot unlike my packet ones. This bottle cost me THB13 = SGD0.53. It's their in-house brand thus the price. Not a bad purchase I'd say... But still its NO MATCH to the vendors' homemade kinds!

errr... think they'll let me instead buy their whole tub of sweet chilli next time!??


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