Thursday, March 09, 2006

***I Popped!***

Well... as always, I would insist mommy to cook for me whenever I came to visit. No exeptional for last Sat. I came just in time for lunch. hehehehee...

I requested nothing extravagant but just a simple lunch that I enjoy with whoever's at home for that Sat. Actually, mommy hadn't even started cooking when I arrived. Fortunately, I had brought along an apple pie w/c I baked the night before and some popiahs w/c she fried immediately. So... I guess they were the entrese eh!?
Within the hour, mommy had the requested lunch on the table, waiting for me to wolf them down (as per norm). I only wanted Fried Chicken rubbed with salt and tumeric (she used a whole chicken cut into 8-parts)and Seafood Fried Laksa (she used huge prawns, sotongs & fishballs).

See... I don't ask for the world, just something simple EVENTHOUGH it was for me b'day yeh...!

Of course I went for several rounds of the Seafood Fried Laksa and come to think of it, I MAY had eaten almost 3/4 of the chicken.
For dinner, mommy whipped up a mean Fish Assam Pedas. Checkout the cutesy ladies finger aka okras. They were grown by daddy at his work place! Kewl huh??!!! Marvelously sweet. Unfortunately, we had to throw a bunch away as mommy said they were too 'old' thus harder and more chewy in texture. They'll be rubbery. So no-go!

Back home, me mates came by to watch soccer, English Premier League - Liverpool vs Charlton. Our 'Raggae' man made us Coffee Tarik. phew... goodaaa! Of course we never titbits wre numero uno, there were chicken & mutton murtabaks, prawn crackers, chili tapioca chips, coated green peas and cadbury chocolates.

A full filling day of eating! I almost PoP***! After that, sleeping was ez-pz... Of course I woke up late the next day. Duh!


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