Wednesday, March 01, 2006

*Bangkok Birthday Trip*

I had a fantabulous birthday week in the *Land of Smiles* Bangkok, Thailand. We had a double joy when tigerairways, was offering a 75% discount on tickets to Bangkok. We managed to secure a room in bangkok+city+inn, a 3-star hotel in the heart of Bangkok with reasonable price at the last minute. Yipeee...! Shopping was the on-to-do-list every day. I got hold of some good buys. Got 2 "Vespa" T-shirts @ THB50 each and 2 Roxy sleeveless @ THB100 each. Good huh!?

You also shouldn't miss in buying their essential oils, massage oils, aromatherapy oils, potpourris, fresherners etc. They are mega cheap coz you pay only the products and not a brand name. I got 4 aromatherapy oils (Bergamot, Tea Tree, Equilyptus & Anise) at THB20 each at 5ml. An insect repellant made from citronella oil, lemongrass oil and other additionals at 100ml w/c cost only THB80. And that bloody thing works! One more REALLY good stuff is their "no-name" oil which is good for diminishing/lightening pigmentations, reduce pimple, reduce scars. The lady said that it contains olive oil, sesame oil, tea tree and plus, plus, plus. It's bottled like a rolled-on for ez application. That was at a price of just THB40! I regretted not buying more coz that damn thing actually works! On me that is, results may vary on others maybe... I had worn it for 5 days and it did wonders to my face. Its clearer now w/o all those awful spots!

Besides good shopping, food is abundance too! Best thing that I had were cut fruits by the 5-foot ways. Unbelievable huh?! But yeh... fruits were plentiful and they were all juicy, crunchy, sweetish, sourish and juct divine... I had them everyday! Unripe mangoes, juicy guavas, watermelons, honey cherry tomatoes, strawberries, honey pineapples, sweet corn cobs and these are accompanied with a packet of salt+sugar and a packet of chilli flakes+salt. Dip every time you take a bite and the flavours will be enhanced! WoW!!! And all cut fruits are no less than THB10.

We also had lotsa junk munchies. This potato-strips were awesome. My favourite Honey Djorn Mustard flavour! I wanted to get the Kettle Chips but they only had small size packets. Donno why I was dissappointed coz I could like get lots and it'll sum up to be a big packet. But harm done. So the potato-strips it is. We had these rice crackers coated with caramel and black sesame seeds. Wicked!

Being my birthday, I got these as prezzies. Coco my Thai friend gave me this box of citronella candles. It's so strong that I just need one to light and it fills up the entire hotel room. Very refreshing scent. One pot last me 3 nights. These handmade leather bag is from ahem... I thought of getting the Grade-AA fake Guccis but it's no match to this leather quality. Besides I'll find no-one wearing the same bag as me here. Lovely aite?!

I got this fab antique radio for a good bargain. It's a GRUNDIG made in Germany. Too bad the original wires already spoilt. If not it'll look so kewl huh! Now it's battery operated. And yeh, it bloody WORKS!

Oh, just gotta tell you peeps this. Me "Rasta" friend wanted something rasta-ish w/c to him consists of the colours red, yellow, green. So... I present him this "Rasta-Fan". Geddit??? He's a die-hard rasta-man aka die-hard fan... awww you ought to geddit by now. If not NVM!

Couple more pics for here:- McCafe Double Choc from T1 (b4 takeoff), smoking zone T1 (look @ those cactus, pricky), Citronella Scented Candles, Essential & Massage Oils, Rect Silk Cusions and the Siam Paragon Dining Loft - a dining experience not to be missed! It's high ceiling and a great overview of the water and nature feature was superb! I managed the catalogue only as I was too absorbed whilst dining there. Oh yeah, we went all the way to get that scourer. Unbelievable huh!


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