Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Baked Coca-Cola Chicken

Yeh... no wrong with the heading. Did use Coca-Cola, a whole can of it. It turned out delicious. Mine turned out more like a stew actually. Very rich sauce base.

Actually, I just wanted to make a simple dinner but CT had bought the Big Momma 3 DVD and wanted to watch over at me home. Can't turn down a momma-to-be request aite! Evenso she didn't directly asked me as per norm... Nah... I didn't mind the crowd but the courtesy I DO! But maybe that big tub of Vanilla ice-cream & 2 pints Ben & Jerry's could somehow made it all up... hmmm... u'll never know the power of the ice-creams!!!

Seriously I wasn't sure how many peeps were coming. The door's open for all literally. First there were 2 then 3,4,6,10,12 and counting. People were coming in and out. A friend even brought along his momma in wheelchair (she's just out from hospital btw, needed a new surrounding I suppose???)and little bro. Hip huh! Last guest strolled in was at 1:30 am! Me mates decided to call me haven "The CC" aka Community Centre.

Well... frankly, I don't mind, hey... the more the merrier aite! At least me home ain't too quiet for the weekend. Thus the additional dishes of Fried Veges and Hotdog Omelette w/c kinda looked like pizza came up. Of course I had to UP my Basmati and following by Mr Raggae Man's "ultra-fine" judgement, he said "Hey xxx, 5 cups of Basmati Rice will be good". I had decided on three initially. But alas... as I predicted, there was like half a pot of rice leftover. Oh no probs with that. I got lotsa ideas already on what to do with it... Experimenting on variations of Fried Rice! Check out my next post alrite!


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