Friday, March 03, 2006

Ice Lollies (*v*)

Maybe I didn't try to look around hard enuf here in Spore but I managed to get hold of these Ice Lollies containers from my trip to Bangkok. Then, last night, when I was at NTUC Fairprice supermarket, there they were dangling about. grrr... But no loss there, my ice lollies containers are way... cheaper than NTUC's and it's bigger too with an additional straw to sip in the juices. .

When I was little (w/c wasn't far tooo long ago), Daddy used to make these and I'll get one as a treat everytime I was good (w/c was ALWAYS). Ribena is still my favourite flavour followed by strawberry milk and milo. Sometimes there'll be a fizzy flavoured lollies i.e. Coke, 7-Up, all the F&N flavours (usually after the festive season and I love the cherry-ade bestest).

Come to think of it, it's very much similar to air batu malaysia w/c comes in a long packet and you'll need to tear the end to sip the juices out. It'll cost between 10-20 cents a piece. These air batu malaysia aren't usually sold in shops but in someone's home. To know when's the air batu is for sale is when these 'makciks' open their metal gate and throng of kids lining up for purchase! How we savoured these simple treats and getting our hands and T's wet with streaks of sweet coloured juices! Hey... we aren't fast enuf to compete with the dripping juices against the hot weather... But, boy fun we had! I missed those days...

Anyways, lets not get to nostalgic =) Here, I had strawberry, chocolate and ginger-ade flavours in. Now gotta wait till tomorrow night to try these. Hopefully it'll rekindle some childhood memories...


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