Saturday, February 18, 2006

Most Important Meal

Most IMPORTANT meal of the day... BREAKFAST. Usually I'll have breaky at work coz there's simply zit timing to have it at home. But on weekends, I'll make sure to have breakfast soon after I wake up. (Of course after brushing the teeth w/c somtimes may skip my mind... ok nvm that!).

It will always be a bowl full of simple cereal of some kind with loads of milk to go with. Today I had the Nestle Banana-Nut Clusters. It was cheap. Going at 2 boxes for SGD4.60 at Jasons Market. Of course I had to get it! Expiry till July 2006. But seriously, I doubt these 2 packets will last thaaat long. Hah...!

Btw, I'm not really a muesli kind of person. Too heavy stuff for me to chew in the morning. Even so, sometime I'd grab a muesli bar on the go. Morever, I can't snack on them just as it is! My all time favourite will be the Nestle Koko Crunch and Honeystars. Love with milk (any flavours) and wonderful as healthy munchies. Once in a while I'll get the Post Oreo's and Mashmallows. And the Post Banana Nut Crunch, Dates & Pecans, Almond Roast and Blueberry Morning when they are on sale. Then I'll buy 2 packets each to last me say... several weeks. Coz I just have this particular habit. In order to save I'll get a lot at one go which is good for the $$$ but kinda bad on the other hand coz I'll be eating twice as fast (I KNOW... there are more in stock).

Other mornings when there are no cereal at home, I'll have some oats or Nestum with raisins or any dried fruits available. If none is, I'll have them on its own with a flavoured milk base.

I don't quite like the "other" morning breaky which will have things like sweet or fried kuehs, rice or noodles i.e. nasi lemak, mee siam, mee rebus etc or even toast. Too heavy for me tums. But ironically, I can have them or near those versions on vacations! I don't even give a second look at the cereal section at breaky buffets. Let alone have a glass of milk! I'll be after their savouries and sweets.

Hey, when else can you savour these aite?! So toss away the norm routine and indulge myself silly. That' my motto when travelling. After all breakfast IS the IMPORTANT meal of the day...


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