Sunday, December 18, 2005

Tauchu Chix with Black Sweet Soy Omelette

Did some quick cooking last week. From scratch that is...! Recipe was ez-pz & cooking was a breeze! I used whatever was in the fridge and walaaa... With a plate of hot steaming rice, this dish will satisfy anyone's palate for a nice hot meal after a day's of work. Oh look... someone just can't wait to have a go at the omelette!

Ingredients for Tauchu Chix marinate
Chicken Breast - sliced
Cabbage - sliced

Carrot - sliced
1 medium onion - sliced
2 cloves garlic - sliced
2 tbsp Tauchu (fermented soy bean. Mashed 1 tbsp)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Heat olive oil and fry the mashed & whole fermented soy beans. Put in garlic & onions and fry till soft. Put in the chicken breast and mix till chicken is cooked. Lastly, put in all veges and toss for awhile. Let the heat from the pan cook through the veges. Done!
For the soy omelette, whipped 3-4 eggs. Sprinkle some salt and a dash of pepper. Pour in some milk (UHT or fresh) for a richer taste. You'll end up with softer and fluffier omelette. Of course you ought to give a good whip though. Pour all into a pan and let it cook in slow fire. I didn't flip the omelette coz I like them semi-cooked 1 side and brown at the bottom. Drizzle some black sweet soy sauce and let it cool in the pan. Take it out once you're ready to eat.


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