Sunday, December 18, 2005

Spiced Chicken Backbone with Rosemary Potatoes

Came across some real cheap pieces of chicken backbones (neck till spine down) whilst shopping at Cold Storage. They were going for $0.80 for 2 pieces. There were a chunk of meat intact near arnd the neck area & below it. Do not remove the skin as juices will ooze out and make this dish a real quick treat for a western night-in anytime! Besides who'd pass up a little charred and crispy chicken skin??? Ok, ok... it isn't the most healthiest part but hey maybe the side salad could make it up, aite?!!!

Ingredients for Spiced Chicken Backbone
2 chicken backbones

1.5 tsp cumin - Pound
1.5 tsp black pepper corns - Pound
2 tbsp sunflower seeds - Pound
Weatherford Serendipity Seasoned Salt (ok with normal salt too)

Rosemary Potatoes
1 Russet Potato - wedged
Fresh/dried rosemary
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Mix all ingredients and let it seat for 20 minutes.


Pound all the dried ingredients and give a good rub to all parts of backbone chicken. Spread more paste to the chicken bones as this will infuse into the chicken and sweetened the bones. Marinate for an hour or best overnite in the chiller. Place the marinated chicken backbones & potatoes into a baking pan & cover the pan with aluminium foil. This so that the meat & potatoes wouldn't dryout & also to let juices ooze out. Kinda like a steaming method oven style where you retain moist and let it cook the chicken & potatoes through with all the flavours. At the last 10 minutes, remove aluminium foil and bake to let skin crisp. Total baking for 40-45 minutes @ 180'C.


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