Friday, June 09, 2006

A Confession...

I've got a something here to confess. Nope none of my bad habit(s) whatsoever but just a preference. I lurve watching movies. I'm one huge movie lover. No two words about that. Just that I HATE to watch it over that gigantic screen in the cinemas. Don't get me wrong... The sound systems here in Spore is up to standard along with the lush padded cusion chairs. Ahh... and there's also that "love seat" where no arm rest will get in between the lovebirds... awww... But there are a few personal reasons to why I don't really like going.....

(1) a waste of precious $$$. Way... too expensive here for movies, more so during weekends (guess there's a price to pay with all that "luxuries" that rides along with it!). Even if I'm treated for one, I'd rather have an exchange for a DVD instead. That way, I get to keep the DVD, watch it over and over again and best have all my mates+families+loveones+whoever I want to share it with sprawling everywhere @ home, for a movie marathon at home. More personal bonding there and what's good if my JAMO home theater is not in full usage aites!

(2) You can't leave your seat to wee-wee or go snacky breaks or re-watch scenes. You just gotta endure the whole show so as not to miss any parts (good or bad ones). Ouch my buttsie... At home you're King/Queen to the remote.

(3) After movies, it's a sure need routine to extra spend, spend and spend! Lunches/Dinners/Suppers, drinks, shoppings yadaaa... yadaa... Why not transfer that movie tics to all these spendings huh??! Evenso you'll end up with an only one sweet and oh so fasionably-must-have tank top. Worth it what! You get to parade around PHYSICALLY. Movies can only "parade" around verbally. Besides, there are a gazillion others who'll be watching that same movie. You gotta fight "hard" for attention! That new tank top, hmph... no need coz who else can win hands down. None other than yours truly. Is that a sneer I see huh... huh...???

(4) Most cinemas will restrict you not to have/bring outside food into their cinema. Reason being, it's their policy. They'll only allow their "in-house" snacks which are of course way.. too pricey and made it like you have no choice but buy! Yeh, there are times when you peeps or me even had sneaked in some. But I reckon the food are that adventurous enough. Try bringing in a whole pizza and risked the one sitting beside you a sniff or worse fill up the whole cinema with that aromatic-heavenly thing. I bet you won't get that "look" coz it'll be far too dark in there anyways. Instead you MAY get something or close to this. "Ey... u donno that cannot bring in outside food meh...? stoopid izzit?! S'poreans! donno how to read signs ah?!" But in your heart you know it's translated to this - "hmmm... you evil dweeb. You make me drool... la! Now, when's this f***king show's ending huh??? Should've have bought that Double Cheese and Fries! Damnz..." Heheheheee... ;-P
Donno what it'll do to change my perceptions. Anyways... for all you movie-goers, go ahead and mambo down to all the new screenings. Just that you won't find me shashay-ing down the aisle finding a seat in the dark!
Seafood Pizza w/c accompanied us for the movie


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