Saturday, June 10, 2006

Fusion Dinner

Tonight's game is between England and Paraguay. After cleaning the house (which I started reaaal late) in between's a Hindustan movie (oh yeh... I did cry huge blop of tears), I ended everything just about 7-ish... Games's starting at 9pm (Spore time). Had neither any breakfast nor lunch. So... I'm utterly famish. Errr... haven't bathe for the day too. It rained in the morning and I'm "afraid" I'll multiply crazy (like The Gremlins) if I'm exposed to wattta!!! warghahahaaaa...! Nyways, I'm whipping up a quick dinner where EVERYTHING goes into the oven and cook, cook, cook... Minimal input and maximum output!
Briiing... (that's my timer for zee oven) and just in time for soccer. Not that I'm a huge fan whatsoever but hey... I wanna join in the excitement too! Just so, I know what the heck is happening when everyone's starts yakking about it the next day... The fever's on peeps... wooho...! Bring it!
Oh btw, that mee goreng was from yesterday's...


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