Sunday, April 02, 2006

Ripe Green Bananas

I had an awfully long tiresome day at work on Fri. Back-to-back meetings (well @ least they served decent food) and never ending paper works. Of course I had a pile of back-logs in my in-tray at the end of the day. My bum only managed to feel my egornomic chair at 6.30pm. So as usual I whine to Mommy dearest and she lighten up my day by promising to make Laksa and fried chicken the next day.

She also had wrapped 2 casserole dishes and a baking tray for me (since she knew I really had a shortage of these and she got tonnes of these at home). So, missing a dish or two would really made NO significant difference to her collections. She had the casserole dishes (pyrex) for almost 23 years and had only used them once! So it's just appropriate that those be handed to me. Actually there's a collection of 4 but I had to make do with 2 first since it's pretty heavy to lugged back in my bagpack all 4. No worries Mom, I'll be coming home again for those 2. It' a promise...!

Dad gave me a bunch of green bananas (so as he calls them). He planted them at work and assured me that they were ready to be eaten eventhough they're still GrEEn... Oh boy, it was lovely! (See that empty spot right-hand most? I ate it ;) Perhaps he can plant some strawberries next huh???!!! Have a coolen or dry ice as the last resort surrounding the strawberry plants and I'll be able to taste the damn thing! Awww... kidding, kidding alrite!

Nyways, thanks folks for everything. I'll be back for more next week aite. You betcha!!!


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