Sunday, March 26, 2006

Fish Assam Pedas

Every household will have their variations of 'Assam Pedas'. 'Assam' means tamarind juice or dried tamarind which is added into the dish for that tangy flavour. Some may add lime leaves for that extra aromatic zing. 'Pedas' means spicy due to the blended dried or fresh chilies. Usually fish will be the ultimate choice but I had tried before with chicken, beef and vegetables. But still like fish better. Best will be stingray. Superlicious!

Anyhow, I've yet to master still the art of making it. Malay dishes are kinder tricky and long process. They require lotsa spices and ingredients and you'll need lotsa trial & error before you get that perfect one (@ least to me). Though tedious, the aroma beats you hands down. Well... it's an entirely different cuisine altogether.

Oh... do you see that okra? It's fresh from the garden where my daddy works. He planted them. Smaller and sweeter compared to what's sold in the market.


Blogger eatzycath said...

hiya, dropping in to say hello, it's always nice to see another food blogger from Singapore! and thanks for linking to my blog (found you through my technorati search). Your assam pedas looks very appetizing indeed, making me salivate!

26 March, 2006 23:46  
Blogger Daylillies said...

hi there... i've been following yr site every now and then. I sooo envy yr photo takings. Mine's nowhere compared. :( I'd blame it on my old DGcam! (Gotta blame something aite!) I'm gearing up for better photos to salivate more peeps out there. ;p

11 May, 2006 00:02  

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