Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Apple Pie sooo ez!

Look... look I made Apple Pie!!! I'm so over the top! I have these freaking hands which can't ever bake a decent piece of crust! I've looked through countless of recipes for crust base and will endlessly result in a crumbly or too hard inedible piece of @%$#!... I shan't comment further...

But tonight, was a SUCCESS! Ok... just to get me back on planet earth, it's NOT, I repeat it's not the apple pies you get over-the-counter-cafes/restaurant type of versions BUT I'd DARE say it looked HOMEMADE.

Hey... for the matter, I made it at home aite!

But back to being *humble*... I DO sure need to try out more for a better perfection of zee crust. For a first timer, I'm elated, estatic, over the bloody moons errr... alright that's way beyond the universe. Earth has ONE moon (I know my solar system).

I'm already thinking of a meaty pies, peach cobblers, strawberry pies, vege pies, mushroom pies... hah... pie making project here I come...!


Blogger Antti said...

Congrats on a successful crust =) To me an apple pie is the epitome of all things good in life. It always leaves me with a good feeling... Yummy!

And thanks for linking!

Antti from Doughboy
Helsinki, Finland

18 March, 2006 07:27  

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