Saturday, December 10, 2005

Pangkor Island Trip

View from Pangkor Lighthouse twds Straits of Malacca

Journey to Lumut, Perak was ***urggghhh! It's been a while since I last travelled by bus to Malaysia. So, the 'torturous' oh sooo looong journey was terrible. I missed my homey almost immediately! (*sniff***)

But hey, @ least Pangkor Island compensated the bad... bad... journey (*beams...). Beautiful island, peeps, food and gorgeous beaches (but ain't comparable to the Eastern Coast of Malaysia!). Heck, a reason for another holidays aite??!!! (this time I'll travel smart!).

Food was another main factor. You ain't gonna find any food near to what you have back home. It's a foreign land and you gotta adapt to their palate. The only lovely meal I had was during the bbq night. Freshly bbq fishes, crabs, kepah (donch know what they're called in English but "Kepah" is zee name for these lookalike clams only a little bit bigger). Hot dishes of fried yellow mee and fried rice adds up to the meal. We had red rose syrup (sugarred water with red colourings). But any drinks ok to quench me dying thirst after the sumptous meal.

Would be better if there had fried chicken wings, lemon chicken, fried baby squids aka cumi-cumi, vege dishes i.e. sambal kangkong, salads, claypot tauhu, black pepper beef, roast beef/mutton, satays, sambal stingray, prawns, sushi, cheeses, breads/buns, bake potatoes, corn cobs, ice-creams, brownies, pies, meringues, crackers of all kinds, coke, orange juice, hot/cold chocolate, Mocha Rhumba Frappe aikes I'm of track!!!! Sowie ah... kinda dreaming of tooo much (you know what huh... Spore food!!!). Nyways thumbs up for the bbq. Perhaps I'll host one when we're back. When... not sure... Heeheheee....

Btw, the sunset was taken from me chalet window on the last day. THANK GOD I got to snap it. If not I'll be piss coz ALWAYS missed sunrise on every vacation (Hey one should be in bed longer aite?! If not why should go holiday???). Sunset will be missed yet again coz to bz eating dinner or finding a place for dinner. (One should be pampered with good food whilst vacationing). AGREED!


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