Monday, October 29, 2007

Chicken Porridge for the Soul

My "B's" sick. Bad whooping cough. It was sooo bad that the bed shook each time he started going "khong...! khong...! khong...!" Disturbed my sleep and Little Baby. "B" even suggested sleeping outside till his cough died down. I guess it's all the rich food and gassy drinks during this festive season and not forgetting the unpredictable wheather. "B" already finished a bottle of the doc's medicine and yet the cough still persists. Sheeesh...
Thus, no more hari raya goodies and spicy rich food for "B". He'll just have to make do with warm plain water and a little bite of each goodies if he so desires. Sheer toture I tell you. Yesterday, we had a raya outing with my side of the family. Of course every house had some spread or another. Usually, one which WILL aggravate a cough type of food and goodies. "B" had to just sit at a corner depriving himself with the glorious spread of Seafood Fried Rice, Ayam Masak Merah, Chicken Pies, Roti Kirai, Kheema, Ice Jelly, Satays, Rojak Buah with sourish-spicy sauce, Bahmia with baguettes, Lontong Goreng, Gado-Gado, keropoks, Laksa Goreng, Ayam Goreng, Fishball Goreng, Fruit Cocktail, raya cookies, crackers, Fruit Cakes, pound cakes, Kueh Lapis and sooo many more. Poor "B". Me, I couldn't stomach ALL those if not I'll bLueK as always. So, both of us really laid low. However, we did enjoy the outing.
Thus, for dinner, I made "B" some Chicken Porridge to compensate the loss. Hopefully, the cough ease down a little so "B" and most importantly me and Little Baby can have a good night's rest.
Ingredients for Chicken Porridge
chicken feet, necks, bones
2 cm young ginger - sliced
2 shallots - chopped roughly
2 sticks celeries - chopped roughly
1 carrot - chopped roughly
4 spring onions
1 corn - half
5 cups water (more if the porridge gets too thick)
2 chicken breasts - sliced
1.5 cups short grain rice
salt to taste
1 tbsp light soy sauce
Ingredients for Garnishing
cabbage - finely sliced
carrot - finely julienne
white pepper
fried shallots
Boil 5 cups water. Add in chicken feet, necks, bones, young ginger, celeries, carrots, shallots, spring onions and corn. Bring to a boil till all ingredients softens. Add salt to taste and light soy sauce. Lastly, add in rice. Lower the fire and cover with lid. Stir occasionally. Add in water if the porridge gets thick. In fact, the thickness of the porridge depends on individual. I like mine not too watery. Just fine to scoop and slurp it down the throat. Slow cook for half an hour or till rice 'breaks' and turns into a 'mush'. Add in sliced chicken breast and let cook for another 10 minutes. Garnish as desires. Let cool and enjoy!


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