Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fried Spaghetti ala Melayu

Didn't had an inking idea what to cook for break fast later! Didn't want to tire myself into cooking something elaborate coz I'm down with flu. Thank god Doc said Little Baby was doing a-ok! In fact, Little Baby was kicking and kicking and kicking. Doc said I was a little dehydrated and advice me to break fast instead. BUT... IF I do still want to continue, I should refrain in going outdoors and stay in bed more. That I did aites! Thus, just a simple menu for tonight. For dessert, "B" can still have the leftover Belebat Keledek from yesterday. Also made Air Katira. Ok folks, the medicine's kicking in now. I'm heading for the pillows. Adious!
Ingredients for Fried Spaghetti ala Melayu
400g spaghetti - cook till al-dente
minced meat
2 tomatoes - diced
3 tbsp ketchup
canned button mushrooms - sliced
2 eggs
green vege - cut bitesize

vege oil
salt to taste
sugar (opt)
Blended ingredients
15 dried chillies - soak & de-seed
(Note: more chillies = hotter. Do tweak to yr liking aites!)
1 large onion
3 garlic
1 handful ikan bilis
1 inch baked belachan
a little water
chopped celantro, cherry tomatoes, green chillies and fried shallots
Heat oil and fry blended ingredients till split oil. Add in minced meat and let it cook. Add in diced tomatoes, ketchup and mushrooms. Stir well. Crack eggs and let cook halfway through before mixing. Salt to taste. Add in spaghetti and mix thoroughly. If it's too hot, add in a little sugar to reduce the heat. Lastly, add in green veges. Cover with lid and let cook fo 5 minutes. Open lid and stir again before closing fire. Garnish before serving. WaLaaa! Senang je...


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