Friday, August 31, 2007

Pulut Kuning and Chicken Cashew Nuts Curry

OK! I noticed the title contained both Malay and English in it. Alright, I get things straight. In Malay its --> Pulut Kuning dengan Ayam Kari Gajus and in English its --> Glutinous Yellow Rice with Chicken Cashew Nuts Curry. There! I visited me grandma last weekend. Didn't make this to bring over but made a tupperware of Kueh Lopes. Since I had just a little over two cups of glutinous rice left, I might as well finish it up and made Pulut Kuning. Pulut Kuning is best eaten with Rendang or Beef Curry. The spicier, the better! SHIOK!!! I knew Mommy is giving me her Chicken Cashew Nut Curry and I'll have just the dish to pair it with.
Note that my Pulut Kuning isn't very kuning (yellow) as I didn't add any artificial colouring. Thus the pale yellowy looking. Making it is uber easy. Mine's done using the rice cooker. Just remember to pre-soak the glutinous rice overnight with a little kapur. Then wash it and let the cooker do its job. Make sure the water level measures at the same 'height' with the glutinous rice. If it's higher, the glutinous rice will be soaggy. Not nice! Put half a tsp of vege oil so it wouldn't stick. Optional though. Press "cook" and then when it turns to "warm", let it stay in there for 20 minutes or so to let the rice settle (tanak) and soften. Serve warm with delish dips to accompany. EnjoY aites!
Sharing with you peeps me Mommy's Chicken Cashew Nuts Curry.
Ingredients for Chicken Cashew Nuts Curry
Ingredients to blend:
1 large onion
3 garlic
1cm young ginger
10 green chillies (more chillies = spicier)
1 bunch fresh coriander leaves
1 cup raw cashew nuts
water (easy blending)
Other Ingredients:
5 cups water
oil to fry blend ingredients
1 chicken - cut as desired
meat curry powder - dilute with a little water
2 potatoes - quartered
cherry tomatoes - whole
1 carrot - cut small
ladies finger - whole
Heat oil and saute blended ingredients till split oil (naik minyak). Then add in water and let it boil. Add in chicken, potatoes and carrots. Close lid and let boil till chicken tendered. Add in ladies fingers. After a couple of minutes, add in cherry tomatoes and close fire. Close lid to let the heat carry on cooking. Serve warm with rice, baguette (roti perancis lar), roti kirai, roti prata, chappati, naan, pulut kuning and many-many more!


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