Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sardines 'R' Truly Versatile

Ditto! Sardines from a can, CAN do wonders. Tool(s) needed - THE IMAGINATION peeps... winks* One should have canned sardines for dire emergencies. Here, the sardines in tomato sauce are most popular. Ayam Brand is me numero uno. Checkout the site and some recipes here. Coming close to it will be from Yeo's. I'd usually have sardines once in a while. Best for me and "B" will be the Sambal Sardine with Basmati. Other than that dish, I'd often use sardines in making snacks like Sardines Puffs, epok-epoks, murtabaks, popiahs, pies, pizzas, sandwiches, bruchettas, rolls, buns etc. It's versatility is amazing! I heart it in times of need. That's why, I'll stock-up a can or two in the larder.
Being Friday, I'm usually off work earlier. Given the extra time for cooking later, I still opt for sardines tonight. I'm making "B" some snacks instead of the usually 'heavy' dinner coz I knew "B" had a late semi-vegan lunch consisting of rice, a really thick omelette, tofu and greens (salad) with satay sauce and some stir-fry potatoes with garlic and mushrooms and black soy sauce to drizzle on his rice. 2 chocolate cakes and 1 banana nut bread. Which all I had packed for him to bring. Heavy I tell you. So I reckoned, he can do with a light dinner. Thus, the Sardine Rolls.
Easy ingredients, easy preparations and best of all, its fried. "B's" FAVOURITE kind of food. Once in a while, I'll give in. Eventhough, I need to dress up as though I'm going for war. Yeah, all covered with oven mittens, apron, socks, long sleeves and jeans. So as not to have that damn hot oil splattered on to moi. I have a thing with frying. A HUGE one at that! Still... it's all worth it after seeing "B" smiling from ear-to-ear. haiz...
I strongly urged all to try this snack. Great for potlucks, finger-food (just half the bread to make it smaller), supper, movie snacks and whatnots. Ok "B", NOMORE frying for a long while after this huh!
Ingredients for Sardine Rolls
12 pieces white bread
(a day's old be better)
1 egg - beaten
1 can sardines in tomato sauce
1 red onion - finely chopped
1 green chilli - finely chopped
1 red chilli - finely chopped
celery - finely chopped
ground black pepper
dried rosemary (opt)
Flatten white bread with a roller. IMPT to make each real flat so that it'll hold better when rolled. Open the sardine can and drain 3/4 of the sauce. Too saucy makes it harder to roll and fry later. But if you can handle it, why not. I just hate it when the oil splatters about. Place the drained sardines in a bowl and pour in all other ingredients. Mix with a fork and mashed the sardines coarsely. Take a flattened bread and put on a spoonfull of the filling. Roll with two hands and coat it with egg first. Then, coat it with breadcrumbs and place end of sealed side on base pan. This is to make sure that it is cook first allowing it to 'seal' itself. Cook till all side are equally browned. Serve with some chilli sauce. Eat warm.


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