Sunday, April 08, 2007

Cashew Nuts & Grams Sooji

I went Mustafa Shopping Centre for some shopping with Bratsy Sista and Bro last Thursday. Well... it's a public hols eve (Good Friday next day) thus, I could afford the time of coming home later than usual. Bro wanted to checkout the Baby-G Sweet Poison and PUMA ladies watches for his sweetheart and me wanted to just shop. Obvious isn't it??? "B" wouldn't finish till much, much later so... why not? Oh, did I mentioned that he'll re-imburse me whatever I spent??? I so heart the fact! Beams*
I can't imagine there's quite a range of watches down at Mustafa. Good place to pick a model or two for comparision. It's all under one roof. Easier. I fancy a PUMA watch and took a pic for "B" to go get me one. Gotta wait till Monday to see if his contacts could get him a cheaper price. Argh... the wait. Anyhow, after all's done, we made our way up to Lev2, my therapy floor I'd called it. Rows and rows of glorios food. I go to Mustafa ONLY to get those I can't simply get in other supermarkets. Usually the Indian stuffs. That day, I got meself a packet of Semolina aka Sooji. I know this 'thing'. Usually, they'll appear loads during fasting month. It's a pudding like sweet dessert. Usually yellowish in colour. Topped with fried cashew nuts and raisins. It's easy on the tummy after a day's fast thus the choice. Not all are nice though. Some could be really bland and BLueek! Mommy knows several stores which do a mean Sooji. Well, being Mommy, she SURE knows all these. Mommies...!
I had been meaning to try making this sweet desserts. And yeap, I made some on Friday. It was an impromptu decision coz I just remembered "B" didn't have any dessert to bring to work the next day OR... actually, was it me who can't wait to try them thus the excuse. Whatever the reasons, "B" was still at an advantage. Making it was pretty darn easy. Just needed to tweak a little here and there to get the right texture to your own liking. I really, really enjoyed it...! So much so that I'm making another batch right after I typed the recipe down. ToDDLes...*
Pssst... here's a confession... After this, I'm not gonna buy any Sooji nomore. Home prepared are sooo much nicer and richer. A packet could yield a lot too! You can also keep this refrigerated for about a week tops.
Ingredients for Cashew Nuts & Grams Sooji
(Note-recipe's done by instinc thus no measurements I can offer.)
Whole cream milk
finely crushed Cashew Nuts (bake first)
finely crushed Grams (Camel brand)
Brown Sugar
nutmeg powder
a witsy bit salt
Raisins & Sultanas (garnish)
Add all ingredients and stir constantly to avoid lumps over low fire. Once mixture thickens as desired, off fire. Put aside to cool before serving. For garnishings, put some raisins and sultanas in hot water to 'plumped' them up.


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