Saturday, April 21, 2007

Nutella Weetbix Honey Crunch Muffins

I lurve cereal in a box. I bet many do too! It's the simplest-est breakfast and you can never screw up on it. I've tried dozens of different cereals. I STILL lurve my Nestle Honey Stars best-est. Coming close in line will be Nestle Koko Crunch then comes the others. I always have my cereals with milk (plain). Flavoured milk just spoils the lovely taste of cereals. Oh, so just you peeps know, "B" DO NOT drink plain milk! Much less have it with cereals. "B" will only have his with flavoured milk. You name it - Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Coffee, Pandan, Soybean but NEVER white milk. So at home, there'll be plain and some flavoured milk in the fridge.
I have to have milk before I sleep and as soon as I wake up. But most importantly to sleep. It just make my eyes droops in a sec and I'll be in Zzzland. I'll get at least a dozen milk cartons each month. About 3quarts are UHTs and the others fresh milk. Now I'm into Marigold MultiGrain. They're awesome boy! With fresh milk I'll have them neat. The cereals will go with the UHTs.
Ok, enuf said about milks. It's the cereal that needs to be the centre of attraction here. I got 2 boxes of Weetabix Honey Crunch cereal a couple days back. I adore the honey taste in each bite. Thus, decided on a muffin with these honey babies in them. Yeah, they sure added a crunch in the muffins. I added some rolled oats too. No regrets there. The Nutella was an additional topping that complimented well. It's kinda like cereal in a muffin rather then cereal in a box. Geddit??? Pretty healthy stuff too. Of course there's milk in it and fresh milk to go along with each bite I take. Just wonderful!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

could you please share the recipe for these nutella muffins they look delicious.

22 August, 2008 03:15  

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