Monday, April 23, 2007

Dark Square Choc Chip Cookies

Who could resist a cookie??? Tell me. More so a nice rich chocolate cookie. With loads of chocolate chips in it. There are loads of recipes on chocolate chip cookies. Each possess its own distinct way of preparing the crunchiest cookies or sometimes a delectably soft chip cookies. Each to its own. I adore both. The crunchy and soft ones. Give me either and a glass of milk with a nice book, I'd be on cloud nine... I had in the fridge two packets of Aalst Chocolate semi-sweet chocolate chips waiting to be use. So, why not make chocolate chip cookies with them. huh...??? huh...????? Yep, agreed!
I happily made a batch of 51 pieces. Eh... eh... 48 pieces after the last count into the Tupperware. I ate the other 3 pieces while they were cooling on the metal rack. Cannot tashan... (can't help it). Making the batter was easy. But since I don't have a mixer, creaming the eggs and sugar was a darn hard task. Tsk... I'm developping arm muscles by each stirring. After that, you just dumped in the other ingredients and after mixing well, you're off baking. I got the recipe from only additional ingredient added was 1/4 cup of Van Houten cocoa for more chocolatey flavour. Just the way I like it. It's optional. winks* I use the normal cut cookies baking method of 9-11 minutes. There are more variations that you can try out too. Either way, it'll turn out awesome! Now, with a full Tupperware of chocolate chip cookies, I just need to squeeze some time for reading that Prisoners of the Sun from TinTin Adventure Book Vol1. Hey, comic books are a way of destressing too! Onward with the chips. BLISTERING BARNICLES!



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