Tuesday, May 02, 2006

JUST for you...! Rascals!

Another batch of muffins coming up! I'm sceptical in using DelMonte Bananas coz they tend to be less sweet and less yellow compared to local bananas. But I used them nonetheless asz there were four left. What else could I do with the softened bananas than to make them into a dessert aites! So out from the fridge and into the flowery cupcakes they went. I had some bananas sliced to top it on the muffins. Gorgeous looking! I added in a 1/2 a cup more sugar just to be on the safe side. It turned out perfect! Tastewise, ok too! Frankly, I still like to use the local bananas as they tend to be much sweeter and the deep yellow colour just seemed right.
Me bro and sista called just as I had the last dollop of batter into the last cupcake. They REMINDED me to bring EXTRAS. Me-"errr... I made a dozen. Enuf or not? anyways, my muffin tray bakes a dozen at a time. So ok?". My sista-"NOT ok...! I'm coming back much later then big bro and for SURE he'll finish a dozen in no time! Make another batch laa... then can enuf". Me-"You peeps ask too much you know!". My sista-"awww, sis... we're the ONLY sis and bro to you aites! what's another dozen...? can ok, lurve you... smoooch...". Yeh, what's another batch of muffin rite?!! Thus the Chocolate Fudge Muffins were made next.
"Riiing... riiing...". Sista-"Hey sis, today mommy cooked fish tomyum and I'm not up for it laa... eeerrr... can make pizza too? Can aaah!?!... Bro want extra cheddar cheese ok and lotsa onions. icu later taaataa..." click. Ok, so what's that all about??? Do I look like some home delivery service here... huh? huh...? "Riiing... riiing..." Mommy-"Darl, mommmy here. Eh you coming later rite? Daddy wants you to get 2pkts AA batteries and pkt AAA batteries, normal ones, not alkaline ok. Oh and get me a loaf of Gardenia bread, jumbo size ah. thanks-yous... and don't come too late. The batteries are for the teevee remort controls." click. See how they manipulated me in doing these delivery services! "Riiing... riiing... riiing..." for sure I'm NOT going to pick that up! Just in case, you know!


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