Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Wedding @ Malacca - Kampung Durian Daun

I went to my cousin's wedding over the May Day weekend at Malacca. Eventhough, I was down with a fever with all the works due to my wisdom tooth, it didn't deter me in postponing the trip. Hey, one only gets married once, you know! How can I miss it! But I did cut short my trip from 3 to 2 days (Sat & came home Sun). I went alone coz my parents had gone there since Friday. A pity I didn't take much pics coz I was busy nursing the toothache. Somehow, it aches a bloody lot more when I was there! I managed to get a pic of the "bunga telur" though which is a little thank you gift handed to all guests. Btw, we got salted eggs instead of the usual hardboiled eggs. In all, the wedding ceremony was a pretty sight. It was an all "blue" affair which I think might be her favourite colour. It was f**king hot as always! And just fyi - she had 8000 guests for the day! Can you imagine the crowd?!! However, I enjoyed all the same. Had a great time hanging around with my other families. My... it was like a looong time ago since I last went back!
Oh, and I stayed at Emperor Hotel. My verdict - if need be, DON'T... and I REALLLY MEAN DON'T ever choose Emperor Hotel unless there's no other choice. Eventhough it is a 4star hotel, it REALLY needed a serious makeover. But I was compensated coz they let me stayed at a higher floor, #19. I can actually see the kampung from my hotel window! (pardon the pics, bad reflection from the window + sun rays)


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