Sunday, August 19, 2007


The boys (they ought to be labled MEN!), but boys they'll be tonight, are coming over to watch the English Premire League - Liverpool vs Manchester. Since the match starting at 2300hrs, I reckon a lite snack would be good. I googled a bit, surfing from one foodblog to the other and came across SAMOSA! Yeap, like popiah but different in shape. Samosas are triangulars but the fillings are similar if not the exact to popiahs. Alritey... SAMOSA for snacks tonight.
But... the boys called last minute, asking IF there were FOOD!!! Yikes...! No 'real' food only fingerfood. So, off "B" and one of them went to NTUC and got Myojo Tom Yam instant noodles and french fries. The samosas I made, were served as appertiser. The match not starting in another half hour. Instant noodles took minutes to prepare which one of the boys was in charged for. 5 packets to 4 people. Nearing the match, I fried the fries. That was ez-pz.
But back to my samosas. I was happy to how they turned out. Didn't baked them like I always would but fried them instead. They turned out fab but with a little comments here and there. Well... usuually it's "B" eating and he's no fuss, no comment person. Still.. I welcomed them. Needed a little more salt, more curry powder and less herbs. Okies... next time I do a fillings. What matters is that my samosas looked like a samosa should be, the frying wasn't too hard as I always feared and they still retained the triangular shape after frying. Yipppeeeee!
I'll work better on the fillings next time. For now, the boys will have to do with these... This filling is good with popiahs, epok-epok aka curry puffs, pastry puffs etc. Tweak them in any way you prefer. Just as lng as they're edible later!
My all fried crispy SAMOSAS I can't resist not to put up another shot
Ingredients for samosas fillings
5 russet potatoes - diced
1 large onion - diced
6 tbsp meat curry powder
2 tsp salt
dried rosemary
dried basil
Heat oil and saute onions. Add in potatoes and fry for a couple of minutes. Add in salt, curry powder and other herbs. Pour in some water so that it'll not be too dry and also to tenderise the potatoes. Cover with lid and let cook under low fire. Cool potato fillings before spreading onto popiah skin.
You can go to Bro Rozzan's blog to learn how to fold a samosa. I did mine like that too but resulted in a longish samosa rather than an equal sided ones. I think, as long as they're triangle, they'll be called samosa. winks*
I also wants to share how one of the boys prepared his instant noodles. Usually, you'll boil some water, empty all the seasonings and put in the noodles. Let it cook for 2-3 minutes and done right. But he's way was different. First, boil water and cook only the noodles. Pour noodles out. Re-fill water in the pot and let water boil. Empty all the packet seasonings and cook for a minute or two. Pour the 'soup' into the drained noodles earlier. He said, this way it'll taste better. I have no comment coz I'm not a fan of instant noodles and I TOTALLY sucked at making them. They tasted alright to me though and I ate half a bowl of "B's". But NOWAY am I to make instant noodles on my own!
Myojo Instant Noodles


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