Saturday, April 29, 2006

Wonderfull stuff*

Just as the title goes. With this, you can work wonders in the kitchen. Errr... asian kitchen to be precised. Alrite... cut the suspense. Its *Dried Chilies*. An amaizing ingredient where any cook should have in the kitchen. These are the same fresh chilies which were left to dry, thus prolonging its lifeshelf. You either use them as it is or like me, I'll blend them with onions and garlic and make into a paste. Btw, I de-seed them before going into the blender coz this will make it less spicy. Awesome for fried mee goreng, mee siam, assam pedas, sweet sambal aka sambal tumis and too many more! I'll always have a pot stored in the fridge for ease of use in future cookings. Most asians lurve spicy food so this ought to be your world's best chilies. Fresh ones don't seem to give you that kick of spicy effect in a dish. But just be EXTRA careful when you add this to your cookings. The spiciness might just spoil the entire dish if too much was added. Now... you don't want that DO YOU?!
Cut dried chilies length-wise
De-seed dried chilies
Soak in a bowl of hot water
Onion & Garlic for additional flavour
Estra virgin olive oil for ease of blending
Store in an air tight container.
Keep in the fridge and ALWAYS use a clean dry spoon to scoop.
This will prolong it's lifeshelf.


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