Saturday, April 29, 2006

Garlicy Shitake Prawns

THIS was what I came up with the ingredients I have at hand. Use a big deep wide pan for easy stir frying. This dish os kinda fusion in a way. I just adore the colours! An appetising sight.

Ingredients for Garlicy Shitake Prawns
6 garlics - chopped
2cm young ginger - chopped
1 tbsp oyster sauce
shitake mushrooms - sliced thickly
carrot - julienne
mangoes - cube (I had extra-opt)
1 red chili - julienne
1/2 bell pepper - julienne
1 dozen prawns (any type)
oil for stir-frying
Heat oil in slow fire and throw in garlic. If not the garlic will brown and taste bitter. Very off-putting. Add in ginger. Then add in the prawns and stir fry till prawns turned into a pinkish colour. Add in shitake mushrooms. Mix well. Add in oyster sauce. Next, goes in the carrots, bell peppers and red chilies. Stir for a minute or two. Switch off fire and put in mangoes. Cover with a lid. This will let the mangoes softens with the heat and juices will ooze out. I had this on its own. Damn satisfying!


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