Sunday, April 23, 2006

Shrimp Paste Chicken @ Petis Chicken

Shrimp paste or rather most commonly known in my language Petis Udang, is similar to marmite. Texture and colour wise. But smell MORE pungent than marnite. It contains shrimps, salt and sugar fermented together. Usually it is use as a sauce in rojak petis/rojak buah/charkueh with a generous sprinkle of crushed roasted peanuts. I got a tub at home. No idea why I bought it in the first place (or did I actually bought it???) and what EXCATLY can I do with it! Making rojak was outta question. (I don't particularly fancy it). Then an idea came (imagine in cartoons when a lighted bulb appears when you've gotten a fab idea). Use it as a marinate. It got my chicken skin crisp and brown well cause of the sugar in the shrimp paste. Sauce tasted great with slices of onions and celery added for extra flavours. It's a winner. It'll be great for bbq too! Way cheaper than those made-for-bbq-sauces versions. But you just gotta not mind the whiff of pungent smell aite!


Blogger Courtney said...

Hi Daylillies~
Just letting you know... we at the NC have quoted you in our Random spice-Punx sideblog.

Later. :)

24 April, 2006 08:50  
Blogger Daylillies said...

Hi Courtney, just to let you know that I've changed my blog add to I've clicked my name in yr site and popped out Blogger Not Found. Update yeh...

10 May, 2006 23:46  

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