Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Barley Pearl Drink with Rock Sugar

*Guilt* wanna know why? checkout my previous entry on fizz drink. After gulping that down, I was still thirsty (like that's unexpected aite!). It's not with the weather kind-of-thing but I wasn't feeling too good inside me. The body's felt warm too. After a quick sandwich dinner, I had a warm shower (cold shower a no-no at night). I scoured around the kitchen and got out a packet of Barley Pearls. Just the thing I need now!
Barley is able to give you that 'cooling' effect needed for the body. Of course no chilling in the fridge but let it cool down naturally instead and then have it. Barley pearls are a good source of fiber too. 1 cup serving of barley pearls and water has virtually no fat and appx 5grams of dietry fiber, w/c is not a nutrient but is important to the digestive system. Having it in a cheap way too!
To sweetened the drink, I love to add in rock sugars. They're called as such coz they are not the grainy coarse sugars you often use/see but huge ones and shaped like rocks. Checkout the pics. These are made from cane sugar. It blends well with the barley water. It didn't take long for the drink to be ready. Afterwhich you can store them in bottles and have it again later.


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