Friday, April 14, 2006

A recipe with Broadbeans

Kacang Pool that's what it's called. You can find this particular dish in some foodcentres made by the muslims and it's usually eaten for breakfast. An ingenious way to cook broadbeans. Nutritional too. The only flaw is that it's accompanied with a drizzle of ghee (clarified butter) covering the top and then you'll mix together with the broadbeans paste when served. But oh boy, this sure added the kick to the taste overall! Since I wanted to be healthier, I used salted butter instead. Alrite, I agree, that's not too healthy either but I reckon it's better than non at all!!! It's traditional to add a sunnyside-up right smack on top of the beans, some chopped onions and sliced cut fresh green chillies. One should eat this hot with slices of toasted baguettes. Divine!
Ingredients for Kacang Pool
Broadbeans - soaked and boiled till soften and mashed (like mashed potatoes)
baked beans (opt coz I had some leftovers)
1 onion - pounded
1/3 tsp cumin - pounded
minced meat (opt my preference only)

Additional condiments
sunnyside-up egg, chopped onions, sliced green chillies, ghee/salted butter

Fry the pounded ingredients and then add in minced meat. Fry all till the minced meat cooked. Add in the mashed broadbeans and baked beans together with the tomato sauce. Mix well for a couple of minutes. Add in enough water till it becomes like a paste not soupy like. How paste like is up to your preference. It should be thick and easy enough when you scoop it up with the baguette. Lastly add in salt to taste. Serve with the additional condiments. Besides baguettes, you can have this with any types of breads i.e. white, wholemeal, butter rolls, chapattis, roti pratas, idlis etc.

In fact this broadbean paste is great as a base with wraps too. Ahhh... an idea is creeping into me. You'll discover in my upcoming post! : )


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