Friday, April 14, 2006

I had prawns!

I seldom have prawns coz it's kinda expensive here where I live. Instead, I had dear mommy got me some. Gee... thanks Mom! Then it strucked me... since I don't have this often, I was in a loss to how should I cook this in the bestest way to enjoy it! I roughly had a kilo worth of fresh prawns and noway am I gonna have them all in I sitting. So, I divided them into 3 portions and used 1 portion for this dish. The other 2 are in the fridge now just waiting to be cook and eaten by yours truly. : )
I made a simple base of pounded onion and fresh chillies and fry them together with beehoon. Oh, I love to cook prawns with their shells intact. That way, I don't lose the juices and unsheling them while eating is just so satisfying.
Ingredients for Fried Prawn Beehoon
fresh prawns - shelled
150g dried beehoon - soaked
1 onion - pounded
3 fresh chillies - pounded
1 tbsp soy sauce
salt to taste

Fry pounded onion & chillies. Add in a pinch of salt. Then add in prawns and stir till prawns turned orangey. Add in just enough water so the dish won't be too dry. Add in the beehoon and soy sauce and mix well. If it's still blend, add in salt.


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