Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Healthy Sweet Ginger Soup

I'm sure sometimes some of us do experienced 'wind' in the tummy aite?! The tums gets all bloated and hard. Letting the 'wind' out requires two ways. Either 'up' or 'down'. Know what I meant?! Numerous ways were found to let out 'wind'. Rubbing ointment, massaging the vital points, have a gassy drink etc. But sometimes we might forget that the best medicine hails fresh from the kitchen. That if you stock up aites!
Ginger is another agent good to let out 'wind'. Drinking/eating it occasionally is good for health. Crystallised Ginger are also sold in health stores. But those will be loaded with excess sweet which can be totally unnecessary! Best way I enjoy gingers are to boil them and make it into a dessert. I added in rock sugars to musk off any gingery smell and taste. Also I made some glutinous rice balls with Gula Melaka fillings for that extra chew in the dessert.

Ingredients for Glutinous Rice Balls
Gula Melaka - crushed
1 sweet potato - boiled & mashed
glutinous rice flour
Ingredients for Sweet Soup
rock sugars (sweetness up to you)
2 knobs fresh young gingers - sliced
2 inch cinnamon stick
lemon rind - grated
Mix mashed sweet potato and glutinous rice flour. Add in enough glutinous rice flour till you don't get them sicking to your hands. Make them into balls and flattened them with your thumb. Add in crushed Gula Melaka where you make the 'dent' and balll them up. Boil water. Throw the balls in. They're cooked once the balls floats. In another pot, boil water, rock sugars, ginger and cinnamon stick. Transfer the balls over when the water boils. Serve warm with grated lemon rind.


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