Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Chili Elbow with Shitake M'shrooms

Of all the variety shapes of pastas, I seldom buy the elbow pasta aka macaroni. To me eyes, it just don't look pretty. You know what I mean... A fusilli or shell pasta will be a prettier sight. Anyhow, I got these elobows coz they were at a sale. 2 pkts @ 500g each for SGD1.50. So must grab aite! I wanted to do a soupy version of chicken soup with elbow but didn't had enuf time. Thus frying them would be the fastest way to go for dinner. Hey... the elbows... not bad... I must say. I made them al-dente and they were good. Retained their shape well enuf. Oh, I was too adventurous when boiling the pasta and poured a good half packet. That's appx 250g. Yeh, a hell of a lot! It didn't looked too much in the pot while boiling then???!!! Automatically it'll be for lunch tomorrow.Damn... I've planned well ahead not to have a heavy lunch tomorrow coz I'm joining the JP Morgan Run. A 5.6km run/walk. I'm looking forward to it. Crossing my fingers that it won't rain tomorrow evening. Oh gwd, purleaseee... I got to show off my new ADIDAS pants ok...!


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