Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Old School Cadbury Wrapper

To start off, I'm more into dark chocolate gal compared to milk choc. I got this merely for it's packaging . And for another fact that I had my last couple of Malaysian Ringgit left. What better things could I purchase then a bar or two of chocolates. I chance upon these Cadburies while browsing the chocolate counter at Carrefour.
They were a limited edition and these were the first wrapper for Cadbury Milk Chocolate. Then, they first produced milk chocolates and then the varieties came along much later. There was a short history on the lid of the box and two gleamering chocolate bars in it. A box cost RM10.90 containing two 400g Milk Chocolate bars. Taste wise, nothing to shout about. Anyways, Cadbury in Spore are way cheaper than across the Causeway. Morever, we seem to have a whole range of varieties compared there. Oh, I kinda not like Cadbury made in Malaysia coz too milky anywhere else is ok. In fact most of the titbits made in Malaysia are blah. Guess it's hard to please my palate aites!


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