Friday, April 28, 2006

Daddy's Rare.. Steak

This IS rare. No... not the steak! But daddy doing the cookings! He as in my dearie daddy, rarely cooks. Becoz... he tends to mess up the whole kitchen and me poor mommy will have to do the cleaning. Fair??? Nope to mommy and I second that.

Yeh... yeh... you peeps will argue that most cooks out there are men and they do fantastic dishes yadaa... yadaaa... And perhaps after that it's men who did the cleaning too. Note - that's while they're working. No count! The principle doesn't seems to apply at a place call home. Ok... no doubt they'll be a handful new age century men who shares the workload. But by default, women are to do everything!!! And I mean EVERYTHING! I'm not being biased!

Ok, let's not digress. Anyways, my daddy made a fabulous steak meal. Of course 80% of the food are fried. Well... that's the way it had and will always be, I guess... The word 'healthy' is inexistence to him. I'd love either a jacket or mashed potatoes though. I suppose the fresh salad could salvage the meal aites! The steak was 80% done and juices combined with the marinate added a kick. No disagreeing there.

Oh... men are selfish creatures too. Me-"Baba (that's what I call daddy) errr... how you make the marinate ah?" This' what he answered. Daddy-"Oh easy... just see whatever's available at home, use them la." Me-"I meant, what you exactly used?" Daddy-"I threw in whatever..." Me-"Specifics". "You see onion use, see garlic use, see ginger use, see salt use, see sugar use, agak-agak (roughly) measure ok la." Me-"So no definite recipe then right?!" Daddy-"HAVE... but secret ah..." Me-"should tell me in the first place what!" Daddy-"Not nice la... wait you say I'm selfish". Me-???


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