Monday, April 10, 2006

Mee Siam with Gravy

Me "BLD" aka B'fast-Lunch-Dinner Mee Siam with Gravy
I wanted to get it for breakfast BUT... woke up @ 3pm! So forget about it! Since I got a packet of dried beehoon and all the necessary ingredients for Mee Siam, I made some. Ez-pz. Had a chance to use my mortar and pestle. Lotsa pounding and in a way a little exercise for me flabby arms. Main ingredient would be the dried prawns. With this added then it'll make a different b/w a normal fried beehoon and Mee Siam. An essential stuff to for the dish I would say.

Mee Siam comes in two versions, (1) Dried Mee Siam and (2) Mee Siam with Gravy. Different peeps would eat it either way. It comes with a couple of garnishes and sides for extra kicks. Usually hardboiled eggs, chives, fried tauhu, lime juice (from whole lime), sweet sambal (plain) or sometimes with added fresh boiled prawns. In fact any sides accompanying Mee Siam will be ok. See what your tastebud prefer aite! Btw, you can have this for breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper. Anytime! This soury and spicy dish will perk you up with a ziiing! Lovely.
Ingredients for Mee Siam+Gravy
150g dried beehoon - soaked till softens
2 fistfull dried prawns - soaked pounded
2 onion - pounded
2 garlic - pounded
10 dried chilies - soaked & pounded (more chillies=spicier)
3 tbsp tauchu (fermented soy beans) - rinse & pounded
1 tbsp tauchu (to be added into sauce later) - DON'T pound
tamarind juice (for sauce)
2 cups water
salt to taste
olive oil - saute

Method for Fried Mee Siam
Heat oil and saute 1/2 of pounded ingredients. Stir for a couple of minutes. If it becomes too dry, add alittle water. Then add in beehoon and mix thoroughly. Coat beehoon thoroughly with sauted ingredients. Mix for a couple more minutes and put aside.

Method for Gravy
Heat oil and stir in the other half of pounded ingredients. Stir till cooked and pour in tamarind juice. How sour depens on how much tamarind juice added. Add in whole tauchu. Then pour in water and salt to taste. Note-tauchu is rather salty so go easy with the additinal salt. Leave it to boil and it'll be ready to serve with the fried beehoon. Garnish as desire.

Happy trying mates! : )


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